Use this site to practice all your spelling words. All you have to do is type in your spelling words, and you will gain access to a wide range of games to play.
This site offers you a wide variety of ways to analyze your vocabulary words. You can look them up, create a map, and locate synonyms or antonyms.
Word Central offers you a dictionary that gives definitions in a kid-friendly format to use with your vocabulary study. puzzle_maker.jpg
Need an idea for spelling homework? Make a word search puzzle using the tools on this webpage. Print the word search and don't forget to solve it.
For each answer to a vocabulary word that you get right, this organization will donate 10 grains of rice to help end hunger.
This site offers many games that test your knowledge of different words. You can play Hang Mouse, Word Searches, or even Memory Match. wacky_word_search.jpg
Make as many words as you can from the letter tiles. Get the question mark tile to the bottom and a vocabulary question appears. Select the best meaning of the word and earn extra points.